NDNY in collaboration with SZ Studio was commissioned to design Dr. Hooman Khorasani’s new dermatologist office space in the flat iron district. The 3rd floor corner office was designed to take advantage of the views and light across 5th avenue. Three black monolithic walls define the entry sequence into the office. The large slab walls help orient the visitor towards the reception area which is located at the corner of the space overlooking the avenue. A long linear light extends from the east to the west end of the space, tying the public areas with the patient areas. Black storefronts, doors and feature niches carry the accent throughout the space. The office includes 4 patient rooms, and exam room, offices and nurses areas. This project included the creation of a virtual model and 360 views of the space for the client to fully understand the space and the details.


Manhattan, NY

Under Construction

1800 SQ. FT.

Dermatology office

SZ Studio

AZA Engineering

Lisa Russman Photography

BH Design Group