NDNY was commissioned to design a 1300 seat auditorium to provide Jaffna Central College with a much needed gathering venue. The design is simple and efficient making maximum use of the site area to provide a large venue for assembly. All materials from exterior façade systems and recycled concrete brick are locally sourced. Landscape elements provide some green relief around the development.

The building is naturally ventilated as the cost of providing mechanical ventilation in the area is prohibitive. Cavity walls, insulated glass windows and an insulated roof construction provide a thermal envelope to reduce heat gain. Windows at the entrance and sides allow for air circulation without introducing glare towards the stage. Solar panels will be installed on the roof. Rain water from the roof is collected below via downpipes for reuse. The design also accommodates and provides universal access to persons with disabilities.

A viewing deck on the east façade provides a gathering area for watching aquatic events at the adjacent swimming pool.

Jaffna City, Sri Lanka

Under construction

20,000 sq.ft.

Auditorium, viewing deck