The extension is envisioned as a highly efficient arm of the main building. The round profile maximizes circulation efficiency, provides 360 degree views and ample day lit spaces, while reducing the overall impact of the new development on site. The building takes its cues from the original project, reinterpreting some its prominent features – shading screen, column profiles to ensure a familiarity of place is established with mimicking the original building.
The building is designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle. A central ramp provides easy access to all spaces within the complex, encouraging employees to walk between floors and facilitating opportunities for impromptu interactions and collaborations.
A rooftop garden provides an area for quiet relaxation with panoramic views of the site. The open plan ensures that plenty of light fills the offices and meeting spaces. Over ninety percent of the spaces are naturally lit. Terraces on most floors provide additional opportunities for users to relax, interact and enjoy the view.
The building will be a paradigm of sustainable construction. The design allows for a majority of the spaces to be naturally lit through the floor – ceiling windows and light filled atrium while enjoying panoramic views of the site. All the above ground spaces are naturally ventilated for a majority of the year through a combination of operable windows and atrium stack effect. The shading screen restricts the summer solar gain.

Geneva, Switzerland

Competition Entry

40,000 SQ. M.

Office, multipurpose exhibition, restaurant, parking